Tree & Shrub Care


Tree & Shrub Overview

If you have concerns with certain plants,  we will be happy to review them and see what the problem is,  If like many,  you don't know what you have,  no worries.  The first step is to have us visit the property.  We will come out and evaluate the plants for both insect and disease problems.   Once we know what you have, we will be able  to recommend a plan of care.     


Disease Problems

Diseases are prevalent throughout the landscape.  We target apples and fruit trees, crabapples, dogwoods.  In the last few years we have seen an uptick in Needle Cast in pines and other conifers.   These disease programs entail 3-4 sprays per season,  targeting the host plants.   


Insect Problems

There are many types of insects in the landscape.  Many are very host specific ,meaning they may only attack one specie of plant.  Others are not as fussy with what they eat  and infest many plant specie.    Scale insects  feed on many types of plants.  Hemlock Elongated Scale is a very serious insects that is endangering our old growth hemlocks. This picture to the left is a heavy infestation. 


Plant Nutrition and Fertilization

You are what you eat.  Plants are not much different.  Poorly nourished plants will be grow weak and decline with die back.  Fertilizing will pump new life into the plants will do wonders.   In new plantings the first five years are active growing times,  they need the energy to support the new growth


New ideas and Techniques

It is amazing how technology has improved the agricultural and plant world we know.  We have new options  treatment of disease and insect problems that have previously  difficult to control.   We now often recommend injections and soil amendments that have shown to can greatly improve plant health. These are nice products  to add to our medicine cabinet and can  really make plants happy.