Tick Busters

A safe approach to keep your kids and pets safe

Guard Against Lyme Disease with our Tick Busters Service

Over the last few years there has been an explosion of tick and Lyme disease problems in towns on the south shore as well as west suburban Boston. It has become so bad on the south shore that Towns are alerting residents in local newspapers in an effort to inform about the dangers of ticks and because Ticks carry and transmit Lyme disease.

We can help you keep your yard safe for your kids and pets. Our Tick Buster program will control your tick problem effectively and safely. Often it is as simple as two treatments per season. The product we use is environmentally friendly and provides excellent results. Our Tick Buster service will relieve you of the worry about finding Ticks on your loved ones.

We have 2 programs from which to choose.

Tick Buster----- Silver Program

  • Two treatments per season; timed around egg hatch for maximum effectiveness
  • One Spring and one Fall Treatment

Tick Buster----- Gold program

  • Three complete treatments per season Spring, Summer, and Fall to give the ultimate protection and for properties with Heavy tick pressures

Mosquito Barrier

  • Mosquito control for you Property. Don’t get eaten alive!
  • Mosquito’s are annoying and our program is designed to reduce populations, unfortunately not eliminate. When we treat your property we spray all lawn areas, shrubs, hedges, and mulched areas. We target areas we know Mosquito’s hide during the heat of the day.
  • We treat your property once per month; ( May, June, July, August, September) with an organic based spray that is safe for plants, lawns, gardens, and off course you.
  • If you are interested in this service we will review your property (free of charge) and recommend what is needed to keep these annoying insects under control, and provide a budget friendly quote.
  • Our Mosquito Barrier Program - 5 treatments throughout the season once per month.

If you are not looking for a complete program but have a special event like a wedding or even a summer cookout we are glad to treat the property before the event to keep your quests happy.

  • Special Occasions ---- We can provide treatments before these special times

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