Lawn Care

Lawn Management specializes in the improvement of lawns with our signature five-step program of care. Not only will this thicken and green up your lawn, it will control crabgrass, weeds, grubs, and surface insects. Programs II and Program III are more intensive programs for yards with that have extra needs. We also offer solutions like aeration, over seeding and products that promote water conservation. We are a full service company that can keep your property looking great.

We have been offering a completely organic lawn care option since we began caring for lawns twenty-five years ago. Our program has proven itself over time.

Satisfaction is guaranteed for all of our services

Lawn Program I


Lawn Management's most popular program of care includes four applications of fertilizer and controls for crabgrass, weeds and insects. Also included is Merit, a grub preventative that protects your turf from these voracious pests for the entire growing season. This program provides great results and will keep your lawn in excellent shape.

Lawn Program II


Program II also offers four applications of fertilizer and controls for crabgrass, weeds and insects. The season-long grub preventative, Merit, is included as well. The big bonus that comes with this program is aeration/overseeding. In the fall, we'll aerate and seed your entire lawn. This will help to thicken thin areas and will work improved grass types into your turf. If you have thin areas in your lawn, this program is a great choice.

Lawn Program III


Lawn Management's most intensive program of care includes four applications of fertilizer; controls for crabgrass, weeds and insects; Merit season-long grub preventative; and disease controls for the prevention and treatment of diseases like red thread. We'll also visit your lawn between each application to check for problems, treating whatever is necessary. In addition, aeration/overseeding is included in the fall to help your turf recover from summer stress and to thicken up thin areas. This is our Cadillac of lawn programs.

Organic Lawn Care


For people who want a healthy lawn, but can live with a few aesthetic imperfections, we're pleased to offer pesticide-free organic lawn care alternatives. A thick lawn is the best protection against lawn problems, and our organic options are specifically designed to promote thicker, healthier turf through improved soil biology. If you're interested in trying natural lawn care products, organic lawn care from Lawn Management may be just right for you.



We'll aerate your turf and remove soil cores 1" to 3" in length from beneath the grass. After the aeration, we'll apply seed. This process protects the seed from birds and other obstacles, leading to more successful germination. The cores of soil will eventually integrate themselves back into your lawn and break down the harmful thatch of your lawn to allow the grass to grow thickly, greenly, and evenly. This service is highly recommended for thin lawns and those with bare patches.

Tree & Shrub Care


The trees and shrubs on your property are significant investments. When properly cared for by Lawn Management, they'll work to enhance your home’s curb appeal and value. Our tree and shrub care services include deep-root fertilization and spray treatments for harmful insects and diseases. You can count on us for timely application of the proper products, and you can trust us to improve both the health and beauty of your trees and shrubs.



We were surprised by the tremendous demand for this product, and we're thrilled with its success in controlling these Lyme (disease) transmitting pests. Ticks are most active in the spring and fall, and we have recommended two applications per year for heavily infested yards. Please spread the word that we have the means to make lawns safe again for gardening and recreation. Be safe, not bitten.


It is time to protect and conserve our most precious resource Water. Our Aqua-Saver program will help you keep your lawn and landscape looking beautiful all the while using less water and saving money at the same time. It is truly a win- win for you and the environment. Aqua-saver is a wetting agent which allows the soil hold more water, which makes more water available for the lawn to use. If we can grow great turf using less water – why wouldn’t we? The bottom line is you can cut the amount you spend on water used to irrigate by 30-40%. A seasonal program for aqua-saver consist of four applications; commencing when you initiate your watering schedule in Late May and continues through August. We can provide a quote that will cost a fraction of water the water costs and you are joining a conservation movement that your grandkids will be glad about.

Thank you for thinking about conserving water and please inquire about this service.


In addition to our core services above, Lawn Management offers a variety of optional services, including liming, poison ivy eradication and winter moth control. Give us a call anytime to learn more about these services.

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